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AOM runs two schools in Antsirabe, providing 150 of the neediest children (aged 3-7) with an education for the entire day. This is not only beneficial for the child but also provides parents or care givers a chance to spend the day earning money or improving their home life. We are currently raising funds to create more schools in other vulnerable communities.

For a full day, five times weekly, children learn reading and writing, math, Malagasy, French and English. They also learn life skills like hygiene and nutrition. Teachers are also trained to ensure they’re able to deliver the best possible education.

There are many ways to support us with a school project!

AOM students writing

AOM boy eating

Nutrition & Health

Lunches & Literacy Program
For many Malagasy children, the top daily priority is foraging for food. Imagine if these children were provided with a nutritious meal five times weekly. With the burden of extreme hunger lifted, they’d be free to go to school, to learn and thrive.

So this is what we do, we provide students with daily meals. The food is sourced from local markets – rice, beans, meat, as well as yogurt and greens when funds allow – and is prepared by local workers each school morning.

For many children, the school meal and a drink of clean water is the only sustenance they’ll receive that day; this serves as an incentive for families and caretakers to send their kids to school.

Toothbrushing Program
Once a year, all the children get new toothbrushes, toothpaste and lessons on how to brush. This is an important health program as dental care in Madagascar is generally very poor.

Medical Fund for Family and Staff
We provide healthcare assistance, including a worming program. When possible we also fund dental care for students, families and staff. Health can help keep a family together as they strive to improve their income.

Opportunities for Women

Business Start-up Program
As funding allows, AOM provides job training for parents so they can better provide for their families. After 6 months of training on sewing machines, attending all classes and finishing a sewing test, mothers are able to get jobs in clothing factories or work in the market sewing.

AOM provides low cost business funds to families after they complete job training, or present a comprehensive plan for a business. We have awarded mothers hand crank sewing machines or sets of pots, and they have started their own small businesses. Several have made bricks to sell. Each successful business started means that the parents can not only keep their child well fed, but might allow them to be able to go to school.

Empowerment is making its way into the most forgotten corner of Madagascar!

Microloan Program
AOM is working to establish a future savings cooperative that builds income through saving. This has the potential to become an empowering form of  income for Malagasy women and a cooperative that works to build successful businesses.

If you think you can provide to support these programs please contact us, we would love to hear from you.




AOM English Classes

Madagascar relies heavily on tourism for revenue. A fundamental understanding of the English Language makes this a more productive, safe, and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. It also allows Malagasy business owners the opportunity to make global connections and improve their marketing capabilities.

AOM provides English Literacy classes to all age groups. This program is currently volunteer-based and relies on native English speakers traveling to Madagascar. Therein lies room for improvement– we are working to make this program more consistent by exploring the possibilities of hiring a full-time teacher or utilizing Skype technology

* This  project is no longer active*

ASA Orphanage is a home to 21 children from all different ages as well as the extremely friendly and hardworking staff and their families. Many of the children have been brought to the orphanage as their parents have no money to care for them or have died and there is nobody left to look after the child.

Even if there is somebody to take care of the child, in a country like Madagascar there is no help from the state for the remaining family members in accommodating this child and only few will have the income to do so. Often the only ones left to support the child are the grandparents who are too old to take proper care of a young child forcing them to send them to an orphanage.

AOM has built a water pump so that they have sufficient water for drinking and cooking, we have made repairs to floors and ceilings. Some of the older students have received English lessons that will l hopefully help them to find a job.

ASA has four handicapped children that we hope to supply with the needed medication and provide one of them with a wheelchair.

Although AOM no longer works directly with this orphanage, we do occasionally donate medical funds to pressing needs of the children. SAS was a very positive experience for AOM and we hope it exemplifies our efforts in the region.

ASA orphanage