Aid to Orphans of Madagascar

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Our Story

Aid to Orphans of Madagascar 501(c)(3) is a non-profit organization striving to improve the lives of struggling Malagasy children and their families through programs and initiatives that cultivate hope and opportunity.

Since 2000, we have identified and worked with those in greatest need. We fund and manage two schools in Antsirabe and are currently raising money to establish more schools in other vulnerable communities.

The organization has evolved to support not just orphans who’s parents have died or left but also those who’s parents or care takers have no money to provide adequately for them. Often the only ones left to support the child are the grandparents who are too old to provide proper care.

Even if there is somebody left to take care of the child, whether it be a single parent or a relative, in a country like Madagascar there is no help from the state and in many cases this leaves a child with no opportunities.

For many Malagasy children, the top daily priority is foraging for food. While wholly necessary for survival, the constant search prevents these children from attending school. Often, children of the poorest communities begin working as soon as they’re physically capable: another roadblock between them and the opportunities of education.

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Our Vision

Madagascar is an amazing country. Unique and stunningly beautiful, it is full of warm and gentle people. We envision an empowered and uplifted country that relies on the skills and innovation of its people to flourish. For that to happen, all Malagasies must have access to certain staples: education, the opportunity to develop vocational skills, and sustained nutrition.

Our organisation has an intimate understanding of Malagasy culture, a deep respect and love for it. Working closely with communities, we have every faith that together we’ll reach our shared goals.

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